It took me exactly five tries to be able to let you go
without leaking regret all over your work shirt
and even then I’m sure you were able to hear my bones trembling
in the space of those silences

that was how well you could read me
not like a children’s book at all but like I
was a theory to settle the universe
and you were the only scientist to speak that code

So when you began to pull away, I knew
that falling out of love would not be the same
as falling in and even ‘fall’ was not the right word
I hurtled into you with the ferocity of a broken wing on a jet engine

you were the soft earth beneath all that metal
we fit like a collision and when we began to scrape apart
I found that pieces of myself were left inside of you
shrapnel, a bone of my elbow, the cap of my knee, my shoulder blade

there is something gently calming in the way I know
that it will take you years to methodically extract me
from your body, and that twinge you’ll get sometimes in your leg twenty years later?
it’s the fallout from where I met you head on

and I know it’s not your fault that you couldn’t stay
it’s not mine either sometimes
broken things can’t be helped but those people who say that
there is beauty in destruction?

Show them your scars
show them our train wreck of a love
there is nothing beautiful
about how two people can destroy
and save each other at the same time.

--Azra.T “There’s No Beauty in the Breakdown.”  (via 5000letters)
For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

This is your birth.
Love equals a morbid and relentless fear of losing the other person. It’s a freak-accident fear, a piece of space junk falling from the sky and obliterating him, leaving nothing but his smoking boots. It’s the unfortunate organ-defect fear, suddenly on his thirtieth birthday, the little crack in his heart that’s been there since birth will rear it’s ugly head and take him in his sleep while he’s spooning you. It’s the only way to know you’re really in love, when you ask the question would it be harder to watch him die, or to know he’ll watch me die? It’s when you actually care to the point of tormenting worry. It’s not roses and white horses, it’s fucking brutal and it can send a person running for the hills. To love is brave.
--Renee Carlino “Sweet Thing” (via 5000letters)
'There's no need for heartbreak warfare. It's called 'I love you' — 'I love you too'. 'I need more love' — 'You got more love', and you can get through life like that. Shouldn't you just on days where you want more love be like 'I had a bad dream that you were sleeping around, it's really irrational, but just love me extra today'. Why can't we just have this thing where you just say 'Just love me extra today'. If I was with somebody and they said 'Love me extra today', I would love them extra forever.'
--John Mayer, Atlanta, 2010. (via lookandlisteng)

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Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.
--Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  (via babezie)

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why do i get so attached to people it is such a problem

i used to like being alone now i’m just a dumb girl who misses a boy

if i believe
in death be sure
of this
it is
because you have loved me,
moon and sunset
stars and flowers
gold crescendo and silver muting.
--e.e. cummings, excerpt from “if i believe”  (via larmoyante)
I really don’t think we’re going to end racism by joking about it. Like i’m glad that the white liberals feel like they are less racist because they can joke about people who are more explicitly racist but that actually does nothing to help people of color

Suey Park on Huffingtonpost Live dropping some much needed knowledge about the Colbert Report, the #cancelcolbert hashtag that trended as a result, and white liberalism’s own problem with using racism to talk about racism (via navigatethestream)

I do mostly agree with this but also just to say: isn’t the point of shows like the Colbert Report to make fun of things that are actually quite serious in order to get them more awareness in the public sphere? I’m not saying its the best model, but I do believe there was/is almost always an intention to bring something to light by making a joke of it - it makes the issue nonthreatening in a way that (hopefully) allows some people to say “hey, yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous and wrong” and move on?

Clearly this failed at this junction though. 

What I know is this: our hearts are stubborn creatures. They always remember how to push a splinter out like a foreign enemy from the body. They want to heal. Even if we didn’t know there was an injury. Even if we loved that splinter like a limb.
I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that.
--Brian Andreas, Story People  (via impetrate)

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